By the Glass - $5.00
By the Bottle - $19.00

Apothic Red
Several varieties come together seamlessly with fresh dark fruit flavors and Jammy red fruit notes. The Zinfandel offers a bold, dark fruit flavors and spicy notes, complemented by the soft mouth feel of Merlot. Sharad adds layers of smooth blueberry, while Cabernets solving on delivers ripe fruit flavors and a firm structure.

Apothic White
To start, weaseling lenses floral nose that as well – complemented by tropical notes from Chardonnay. Pinot Grigio contributes refreshing flavors of peach and apricot to the pallet, leading to crisp, balanced finish that lingers.

RED WINE            $4.50 187ML

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon
Big berry flavors like current, raspberry and blackberry jam with a velvety vanilla finish makeup this Cabernet Sauvignon. Lush and lasting, it's sure to make a big impression. Always stomps out a good time with beef, lamb and red sauce pastas.

Barefoot Merlot
The perfect combo of cherry, boysenberry, plum and chocolate flavors. Raised right, it's well-rounded with mild tannins. Beef, poultry, and dessert are just a few of the places this wine can go.

Barefoot Pinot Noir.
Silky, smooth and spicy! Dark cherry and wild raspberry flavors get their groove on next to a brown spice aroma. Creamy soups and pork just can't get enough of our Pinot Noir.

BLUSH WINE         $4.50 187ML

Barefoot White Zinfandel
Southern  flavors like Georgia peach, Sunday – ripened strawberries, succulent pears and (even further South) pineapple create perfection. Seafood feast, ain't nothing better!

WHITE WINE        $4.50 187ML

Barefoot Chardonnay
Dripping with honeyed peach and Fuji Apple flavors. It's as smooth and golden as... Gold. Medium–weight with a sweet vanilla aroma. Always has a good time with fresh fruits, white sauce, pasta and some light seafood.

Barefoot Moscato
Delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across flavors of juicy peach and ripe apricots. A bright, crisp finish dances in at the end. Good at keeping things fresh with some fruit or mild cheese.

Barefoot. Pinot Grigio
Tart green apple flavors get down with a white peach undertone. Floral blossoms and citrus aromas do the tango. Light – bodied with a bright finish. Great with the three P's: poultry, (spicy), pasta and pizza!

Schmitt Sohne Riesling
This medium – bodied Riesling has peach and finance aromas, a firm and fruity palate and crisp acidity that results in a well – balanced, easy to drink wine. Enjoy as an aperitif, with pork, ham, fish and poultry.